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Are You Cut Out For A Good Relationship?

Yes you are! Anyone can have a great relationship, once they’re equipped with the right tools.

I’m Linda, a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed in California. Working with our cardboard volunteers, I’ll show you what to do when:

  • You’ve got something tricky to say and they’re going to explode
  • Your partner’s constantly interrupting your work
  • It seems they always think the worst of you
  • They never listen to you but call you a nag
  • It feels like nobody hears you unless you yell

In each episode, our cardboard couples try their best to tackle a common relationship issue. Inevitably, they get mad and the insults fly.

Then I step in to analyze the wreckage, and give our couples scientifically proven tips based on the psychological research of Drs John and Julie Gottman.

Fortunately, they are quick learners, and usually things go a lot better the second time around.

Remember—if cardboard couples can do it, so can you!

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